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The Gen Z Student Consumer

Students are the future

The student population in the United States is 21.6M. They are the future doctors, lawyers, and VPs with the highest lifetime value of any consumer segment. Your best customers of the future are the students of today.

Students are valuable

​​Transitioning from parent dependent to independent life, students are ready to try your products. With a discretionary spending power of $207 billion, they will be spending $62 billion on Food, $30 billion on Automobiles, $22 billion on Desktops/Laptops, $19 billion on Clothes, $19 billion on Ridesharing Services and $55 billion on other amenities.

Students are loyal

Students are building their first brand relationships right now and these affinities can last a lifetime. Generation Z loves to share, they are the most social ever, and they are ready to share their affinities with friends and family. 38% pay more attention to fellow students than a celebrity or a brand and 43% recommend a brand after learning from fellow college students.


We are building and engaging campus communities through the power of FREE


Students are inundated with information from various sources, the current systems for campus events, student collaboration and local businesses are unstructured, inefficient and cumbersome for a student to use. We are demystifying this. 

Build Community

UNIBEES is a Free Mobile App, which showcases where all a student can find Free Food, Campus Events of their interest, Deals and Entertainment happening in and around the University, while building a community where students with similar interests can interact with each other.


Brands and Local Businesses engage directly with students, student/ university level organizations get access to the student community at one single place, students engage with fellow peers with similar interests, forming a self-sustainable eco-system.

Good community app

The App is fairly new, but I am surprised by the quality 

Apple Appstore Review

1100+ Sign-ups within 5 hours of promotion for Blackstone Launchpad at UT Dallas

Partnering with UNIBEES

Digital Reach

Reach the Gen-Z where they live, on their mobile phones. Send promotions directly into student’s inboxes both on mobile and email and drive loyalty through our digital marketing suite.

Ambassador Network

We match your brand with hand-picked, influential, Unibees-certified student ambassadors to build brand awareness and immediately scale your campus marketing


With superior market intelligence, we can get your brand associated with the right student organizations that align with your goals and organize on and off campus mass sampling, grassroots, guerrilla and experiential marketing campaigns.


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